Gallery 5

Willows in Springtime 1

Magnolia 2

Magnolia 1

Spring Village, Zhejiang

Midnight Mooring

R,B,S,A, Exhibition

Peach Blossom Spring

Poems and Paintings”

Peony 8

Orange Canna (on silk)

Willows in Spring (Poem)

Peony 6

Peony 7

Peony 9

Golden Chrysanthemums

Yellow Chrysanthemums

The Water Margin

Boat in the Reeds

Pink Peony (Qu)

Spring Mountain Village (splash)

Peony 4

Pink Lotus (on silk)

The Eagle (on silk)

Chiangling Plum 2

Wisdom of Qi Bai Shi

Sparrow and Plum Blossom {on silk}
Birds sing, Spring is here.