Gallery 4

Sunset in the Autumn Hills

Swallows and Peach Blossom

Red Maple Hills

Bees and Wisteria

Missing a Loved One 2

Singing in the Lotus (fan)

Peony (gongbi 2)

Plum Blossom and Bamboo (on silk)

Orioles in the Willows

Red Leaves and Birds

Swallows Return

Peony 3

Missing a Loved One 1

White Lotus (on silk)

Apple Blossom (on silk)

Plum Blossom in Winter 3

Poem :Wang Wei (Tang)

Bamboo Grove 2 

Along the Yangtze River

Li River after Rain

Kingfisher under Lotus Leaf

Lushan Waterfall

Golden Chrysanthemums by the Hedge

Wild Orchids 4