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The Artist – Glynis M Smith

Glynis M Smith

Glynis M Smith

  • F.I.B.M.S.  (Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences)
  • P.G.C.E (University of Birmingham)
  • Member of the Chinese Brush Painters Society

In 2011 Glynis was elected into the following art societies and paints as Glynis M. Wilson.

Details of exhibitions may be found on their web sites.

Glynis Smith began travelling to China in 1984, which was the beginning of her enthusiasm for the country, its culture and people.

She began to learn Mandarin Chinese in China and since then has successfully completed three years of accredited study, in Mandarin Chinese with the Modern Languages Department, the University of Birmingham. Also at the University of Birmingham, School of Continuing Studies she has received accreditation for both courses, the Theory of Chinese Landscape Painting and the Practise of Chinese Brush Painting.
She has gained further credits from Keele University for a one year theory and practical course, the Uninhibited Oriental Brush, studying both Chinese and Japanese art.

During the year, and with other members of the Chinese Brush Painters Society, she attends several residential courses tutored by Chinese artists working in Britain, including Qu Lei Lei. She also has a personal tutor, a graduate in Fine Art and Traditional Chinese Painting, with whom she has studied with for the five years.

Since 1998 she has travelled to China specifically to study Chinese calligraphy and painting with Chinese artists in many places such as At WangxiBeijing, Guilin, Huangshan, Yangshuo and Chengde as well as completing a study course at the International Art Academy, the University of Hangzhou. Last year she visited the Faculty of Art, East China University, Shanghai, from where her current tutor is a graduate.

Her calligraphy and paintings cover a wide range of subjects, styles and techniques. She particularly enjoys painting compositions to complement her calligraphy of classical Chinese poems.

In 2003 Glynis, whilst retaining the traditional techniques of Chinese painting, has moved them forward into the creation of more contemporary compositions.

As a member of the Midland Art Group and under her Chinese name, Ge Lin Ni, and studio name, Xiao Shan Gu (Little Mountain Valley) she has exhibited at several galleries, locally and nationally, including the Royal Birmingham Society of Art.