My Chinese Tutors

I owe everything to these wonderful teachers.

Professor Jiang Jiehong (Joshua) Director of the Centre for Chinese Visual Arts at Birmingham City University. I was honoured that Joshua agreed to teach me ( 1_2_1 for five years) , traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. Following my time at the University of Birmingham learning to read and write Mandarin Chinese gave me a head start with knowing the stroke order of the characters . I spent my first year practising those strokes followed by the styles of the various masters of calligraphy throughout Chinese history. A wonderful, very patient tutor and human being.

Sun Ming, Beijing
He painted giant landscapes for Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. Inspiring and so much fun.

Gao Ye, Hangzhou, My dearest friend since meeting in 1984 who started teaching me Mandarin Chinese whilst travelling around China. His calligraphy has been published and it is a beautiful book.
Qu Lei Lei, President of the Chinese Brush Painters Society, internationally famous and I have been very privileged to be able to attend his courses (my paintings hanging for critique !)
Zhang Yifan, , a famous painter of the Yangtze Gorge and awarded the Special Honour Gold Prize. I studied with him before sailing and painting through the gorges .
Sheng Jifa, Famous for painting landscapes throughout China. I painted with him in the Yellow Mountains -Huangshan. He taught how to capture the spirit of the mountains and it was magical.
China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, where I studied Traditional Chinese Painting and Calligraphy. This is my desk where I learnt so much due to the incredible tutors.